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Read this: YHYNKKBSNK!

Advertisements If you are able to read this article’s heading, you are lucky because you  probably do not need to join the struggling readers program. In a serious quest to combat illiteracy, Mayor Ferdie Estrella launched, YHYNKKBSNK or Yehey nakakabasa na ako! A focused one on one or group tutorial on aiming to aid children […]

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ECCD Centers Recorded highest Enrollees, continue to rise. Mayor Ferdie plans to rent houses to accomodate overcrowding. 

Advertisements Never in the history of the town,  the ECCD Program was given this much attention. Faced with different challenges such as: 1. the lack of a standard curriculum; 2. class size; 3. lack of standards and training among practicioners; and 4. conducive facilities; 5. Absence of a clear-cut health and nutrition program; and 6. […]