PESO Baliwag conducts Dugong Baliwag, Pusong Baliwag and Serbisyong May Malasakit Core Values Orientation for Interns


PESO Baliwag conducted an orientation of the “Dugong Baliwag, Pusong Baliwag and Serbisyong May Malasakit Core Values” for the beneficiaries of the Government Internship Program (GIP) Batch 2019 held on the 27th of August 2019 at the Municipal Conference Room, 2nd Floor Municipal Annex Building, Bagong Nayon, Baliwag, Bulacan.

Mr, Antonio C. Sablan Jr., Public Information Officer/Youth Development Officer of the Municipality of Baliwag served as the resource speaker for the said orientation.  Mr. Sablan gave an overview of the awards and achievements of Mayor Ferdie V. Estrella which makes him as one of the Most Outstanding and Multi-awarded Mayor

Mr. Sablan reiterated the “Serbisyong May Malasakit” brand of governance of Mayor Ferdie together with its core values of being “Magiliw”, “Maagap”, “Mahusay”, “Maaasahan”, “Magkakatuwang”.  He also discussed the “Dugong Baliwag, Pusong Baliwag” that represents the qualities of the every Baliwagenyo.  The “Dugong Baliwag, Pusong Baliwag” has an acronym of “FERDIE” wherein:

  • “F” stands for Faith in God
  • “E” stands for Empowerment
  • “R” stands for Resilience
  • “D” stands for Discipline
  • “I” stands for Integrity
  • “E” stands for Engaged.

With this orientation, all the interns are expected to exude the Dugong Baliwag Pusong Baliwag and Serbisyong may Malasakit Core Values as they start on their work assignments as interns.