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Baliwag Participates on PEZA’s SEZ Development Mapping Workshop: “Revolutionizing PEZA Towards an Industrialized Philippines By Building Industrial Cities Within Provinces and Cities”


The Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) hosted a 2-day Technical Planning Workshop on Special Economic Zone Developing Mapping for Luzon Cluster on February 21 and 22 held at Leisure Coast Resort, Bonuan, Dagupan City, Pangasinan. Participants were representatives from Local Government Units (LGUs), State-Owned Universities and Colleges (SUCs) and landlords or landowners of private lands.

In relation with Mayor Ferdie  V. Estrella’s agenda to invite large investors to create more jobs in the municipality and seeing PEZA as a great opportunity for generation of employment, Local Economic and Investment Promotions Officer (LEIPO) Karen Joy Rivera was sent to be the representative of the LGU of Baliwag.

The said activity aims to provide an occasion for every participant to present their Comprehensive Land Use Plans  (CLUP) and identify possible sites  or areas for potential development of Special Economic Zones (SEZ) in its territory.

PEZA Director General Charito Plaza emphasized on her presentation about the green ecozones and green industries which are introduction to more environment-friendly establishments that will correct the mindset of the people that industrialization will destroy the ecosystem. It is adopting the concept of environment-friendly industrialization by creating different types of economic zones that will enhance the potentials of a specific site through responsible use of its natural resources.

The enumerated kinds of green economic zones that PEZA eyes opening are Manufacturing Ecozone, Tourism Ecozone, Agro-Industrial Ecozone, Agro-forestry Ecozone, IT Park or Center and Ecozone Retirement Park or Center.

The Municipality of Baliwag as a big and fast rising trade and commerce area, shares the same advocacy with PEZA. It can be recalled that provided in the Local Investment Incentive Code of 2017 signed by Mayor FVE, a special incentive will be given to enterprises if compliant with the Local Climate Change Action Plan and Green Air Act.

Through this, investors will be enticed to put up their business in the locality, which will have a domino effect of creating more jobs, giving citizens a higher standard of quality of life and generating higher income for the municipality that sustains the delivery of excellent public service.

Submitted proposals for Economic Zones of LGUs if approved will be highlighted during PEZA’s Investor’s Night on April this year.