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The Local School Board of Baliwag.


Baliwag, Bulacan.

In review: The Municipal LSB, with the multi-awarded Chair on top, Mayor Ferdie V. Estrella, capped 2018 with an award at the Regional Level of the Literacy Awards 2018. Awarded today, Dec. 11, 2018.

Without missing a beat, the ably led LGU of Baliwag, continuously reflects a town that holds a high regard for excellent and resilient sectors especially the education sector. The empowered board with the envisioned leader, in its nearly three years of existence, geared the public school system to the top with front runner performances of its students, teachers, administrators and programs with awards in academic excellence, sports, arts, leadership, entertainment and special education areas. Setting a trend of excellence up to the National level.

The very focused Chief Executive with a mindful concern, holds regular and special Local Board Meetings to address the needs of the youngest constituents including their families. Concentrating on making a solution to the problem of traffic, the Sta. Barbara High School is now on its mid construction. To be followed by the approved proposed establishment of the Pagala High school and the extension of the Hinukay Elementary School, soon to be an Integrated School with an additional High School level. These projects, to avoid the revert back of the already- remedied drop out rate in the public schools to the once high mark in 2016. Traffic, cited in a study, as the reason for drop outs and high cost of transportation for those in the southern areas. As the Mayor said, something has to be done.

With a serious support for the development and career advancement of the teaching force, Baliwag expects the first batch of Scholarship grantees for Public school Teachers to graduate in 2019. This goes to say that educators from this side of Bulacan can continue to enjoy being at the top level management of service at the Department of Education, with supportive and emboldened programs offered by the Estrella government.

Parents are not to be left behind with consultations with the LCE on concerns, suggestions, proposals and resolutions with parent-leader representatives to serve as the binding force between the schools, the parents, the students and the government. With God at the center of this relationships, Baliwag is destined to maintain its standing as the best Municipality with the best Mayor in the Philippines!

Ang lahat ng ito, para sa Serbisyong May Malasakit!

carol s. san juan