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Baliwag’s 2017 Number of Registered Businesses, Recorded the Highest in Five Years


From the record captured from the E-BPLS of the Municipality, the registered businesses in Baliwag reached 3,381 already which is considered the highest within the last five years, 2013-2017.  The data was generated as of October 11, 2017 which is only the beginning of the last quarter of the year and will still increase until the last day of December.

The latest data from the Business Permit and Licensing Office revealed that the 3,381 registered businesses represents 33.69  percent increase from the 2,529 registered covering the whole period last year.

Among the registered businesses, 1,048 are newly registered which composed 31 percent of the total number and 2, 333 are renewal transactions which consisted the remaining 69% of the total number of enterprises.

The surge reflects the growing confidence of the investors and business community to the local government and the competitiveness of the town as it builds a business-friendly environment.

Moreover, the tremendous increase of number of registered businesses accounts for the intensified effort of the local government under the administration of Mayor Ferdie Estrella of promoting  inclusive growth and boost economic activities in the town.

The establishment of one-stop shop, streamlining of business registration process, opening of DTI Negosyo Center for business name registration, computerization of the BPLS and the creation of the Joint Inspection Assessment Team are just among the many campaigns that had contributed to the said growth of enrollment.

For next year, the number of business registrations are expected to set a new record since the local administration never stops to device mechanisms to have an ease of doing business.