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Baliwag Early Childhood Care and Development Celebrates Family Thanks Giving Day


Baliwag ECCD Participated in the celebration of Family Day, in accordance with the Proclamation No. 847 declaring the fourth Sunday or last week/day of September as Family Thanksgiving day/week where in it focuses on the importance of strengthening and promoting unity, solidarity and stability of the Filipino Family as the basic unit of the Filipino Society.

With the leadership of our Local Chief Executive, Mayor Ferdie V. Estrella, chairman of the Baliwag ECCD Board with the Municipal Administrator Enrique V. Tagle (co-chairman) instructed the ECCD Unit through the technical team to conduct an activity together with the teachers, parents and their day care children observing the celebration of the Family Day/ Week.

That is why last September 30, 2017, the Early Childhood Care and Development Centers of Baliwag observed the celebration of Family Day by conducting a family activity where in the the parents of the ECCD students participated in bonding promoting activities held in each day care centers, facilitated by their respective ECCD teacher. The activities include age appropriate games/ play, planting vegetables, dancing, indoor pool swimming, and eating lunch as a family and community. The parents specially the children enjoyed the programs and activities which strengthened their family bond.

It has always been the Local Governments mission to safeguard and ensure the total well being of  all of the Baliwagenyo Families through augmenting and supportive programs and services aligned in empowering these families to attain an acceptable level of well-being.

Through “Serbisyong may Malasakit” it is indeed an assurance to all that our Local Government will ensure the growth and development not only of the Municipality itself, but of each families that are the real treasure and pride of Baliwag.