Baliwag News Service Commentary

(Transformation follows Efficiency


(PART 2)

The transformation process is not a one shot deal. It is a way of life and a way of governance. It is consistent and firm. 

While you are in the process of reorganization,  there will be hurdles in various forms and sizes such as padrino system, gossiping and raucus. It is messy, in short. But it should not deter or dishearten as it will only be in the guise of noise. The noisiest are usually the most affected.  May kasabihan sa Filipino na pinakamaingay kumalansing ang latang walang laman. 

Personnel Selection Board

An organization can only say reforms are paying off when people start to convey the language of goals and values. When the strategy of how it choose people must shift, choosing only the best and the brightest. It must also reward by promoting deserving people. 

Recruitment is key in every organization. It must choose the right people for the right position with the right pay. Hence, it must begin from making the Personnel Selection Board functional and truly working, recommending only the most qualified of all. 

That was what the Local government did in the first few months to effect the counter culture it needs. Get on board smart, deserving, energetic, passionate and most people up for what it will become the renaissance of Baliwag. 


The idea that an employee must be promoted on the basis of his longevity is a mistake. An employee should not also establish a sense of ownership for any position that is vacant on the basis of his long years in service. Promotion must be on the basis of meritocracy or how he was able to contribute or what was his/her initiatives to improve the service.

Culture of a Learning Org

If an organization’s workforce fails to embrace a culture that encourages its workforce to study, attend trainings and explore new models in management, expect that the organization will remain stagnant. It will not develop and be satisfied with the status quo, oblivious of the reality. 

That’s what exactly happened to Baliwag. Except for the department heads, People were not sent to trainings and worse, people were promoted on the basis of how close they were to superiors. That system was the perfect potion for any to breed complacency, demotivated employees and the disinterst to challenge the status quo. That happened to Baliwag, until bridge.

Baliwag means Business
The third Executive Order was the transfer of the Business Permits and Licensing Office under the Office of the Mayor from the Office of the Treasurer. It was a strategic move knowing the direction of management was to reverse Baliwag’s CMCI current ranking which is at 960th out of 1245 municipalities that joined the National Competitiveness Council’s Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index. Secondly, it needed to computerize its systems in just four months. 
Baliwag’s economic dynamism is not reflective of the number of business permits issued. Imagine, Baliwag, a town with a lot of promise has only 2300 registered businesses.  (To be continued)