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Baliwag to be Validated by DILG Region 12 for the Seal of Good Local Governance on Friday


After Seal of Child Local Governance and National Competitiveness Council’s Most Improved Competitive First Class Municipality, Baliwag will make its FINAL pitch for the Seal of Good Local Governance on Friday. 

This is the first time Baliwag will make an entry to the Seal of Good Local Governance except for the Seal of Good Housekeeping received by the Municipality of Baliwag during the incumbency of Mayor Romy Estrella in 2011 which covered Financial Administration.

The Seal of Good Local Governance, a more stringent mechanism of the DILG to validate local governance. It covered seven sectoral areas such as Financial Administration, Disaster Preparedness, Environment Protection, Public Order and Public Safety, Social Protection, Business Friendliness and Competitiveness and Arts and Culture Preservation and Tourism.