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Mag-Food Trip Tayo sa Baliwag: Elevating Tourism through Food Service Industry


The food service industry in Baliwag has gone a long way through the years. It has been a part of the Baliwagenyo culture to dine out with friends and relatives during work   breaks or to celebrate special occasions.  Moreover,  even just in a simple or regular day, foodies try to look for a restaurant or a place where they can satisfy their food cravings.  This is where the Mag-Food Trip Tayo sa Baliwag Campaign rooted, aiming to give information to Baliwagenyos and non-Baliwagenyos too of where to dine and what menus are offered by each food establishment located in our town.

As a part of this movement, the Municipality of Baliwag through the Investment Promotions Unit called for a meeting with restaurant owners in the community set on August 23, Wednesday.  In the said assembly, the restaurant owners were informed by Ms. Karen Rivera, Head of IPU of the objectives of the said campaign which include: 1. To put up our town as a food destination for food enthusiasts; 2. To captivate tourists and restaurant goers to visit Baliwag; 3.To elevate Baliwag Tourism through food industry; 4.To get the commitment of restaurant owners in the promotion of serving enviable and healthy food and 5.To motivate and encourage restaurant owners to produce a new menu that would be identified as Tatak Baliwag.

In addition to this, Municipal Information and Communication Technology Office Head Mr. Brainard Ardona shared to the group the Baliwag High FVE Mobile App’s  benefits and advantages to them being  restaurant owners. From this downloadable application, a business owner can advertise his promotions through coordination with the Investment Promotions Office and IT office of the Municipality. Therefore, list of food offerings and menus will be uploaded and be available at the App.  They can also access other services like E-rescue, public announcements, job postings, details of establishments in Baliwag and access to all services.

The said gathering was also attended by Municipal Administrator Enrique Tagle emphasizing the importance of the restaurant owners’ support to the said campaign.  It is through them that the success of this will rely and services rendered by the Municipality will not be enough if these establishments will not respond. He also highlighted the Citizens Charter’s use to them and the services they can avail as Baliwagenyo and also as restaurant owners or tax payers.

The participants of this meeting composed the first batch of restaurant heads, owners and employees.  There will be another gathering for the next set of attendees until all food establishments will be covered with the said campaign.