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Leaps and Bounds for Baliwag in the Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index 2017


If it was basketball, the Baliwag experience was a great come from behind rally. Baliwag’s 2016 spot with the National Competitiveness Council’s Cities and Municipalities Competitiveness Index 2016 or CMCI2016 was at 960th out of 1245 municipalities. 

Baliwag landed 10th Over-All in Resiliency and 12th in Infrastracture. It resulted to cite Baliwag as 3rd Most Improved LGU among first and second class municipalities, rank first among first class municipalities nationwide.

To make it to the 960th spot was due largely to the poor scores delivered by at least two of three pillars of competitiveness, 1208/1245 in Governance Efficiency and Infrastracture 719/1208 . Since 2014, Baliwag had lackluster scores in those two areas — governance efficiency (ge) and infrastracture (infra). In 2014, Baliwag was ranked GE 343/399 INFRA 291/399. 

Things will only get worst the year after on both governance and infra scoring 728/978 (ge) and 552/978. In 2016, 719/1245(infra) and 1208/1245 (ge). It was economic dynamism that pushed Baliwag to even score having natural scores 51/399; 121/978 and 37/1245. 

But what could this all numbers mean to a Baliwagenyo? Well, many multi-national companies look after the ranking. It is usually one of the barometers used whether it is safe and sound to invest in a particular municipality. Let us take an example, economic dyanamism measures the size of the economy, the number of business establishments registered, the size of the financial sector among others.

Governance Efficiency is how friendly the local government is with the business sector. One indicator is the presence of a comprehensive land use program. Other indicators are the amount of time to apply for a business permit and other business related government permit. The higher number the rank is the lower the score is. Teachers, public health and peace keeping force.

Infrastracture is the availability of the network to absorb business activities, or transportation system, road network, hospitals, water connections and the cost of doing business. 

It was just only this year that resiliency was included as one of the pillars of competitiveness. Baliwag placed 10th over-all reflective of the quality of its socio-economic profile, the readiness of the government, the literacy rate and education program of the local government.
With these improvements, we expect many investments to come for Baliwag. This is a testament of confidence of the business sector for a municipality not too long ago was Bulacan’s queen city but there you go, it is fast moving to recapture it as investors are scrambling to get a piece of these exciting developments. 

In effect, with a high ranking in the competitiveness index, we must expect for the following: 

1. Constituents are assured that the local government is doing a great job and on track in meeting its various governance objectives  2. Local government is expected to know its priorities. 3. Local government will be on its toes, refrained from being complacent. 4. Investments likely to pour creating new jobs and increasing revenue of the local government. 5. Somehow, it will expose the municipality’s capacity to rebound after a disaster or calamity. 6. Level of innovation being practiced by the lgu.