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Read this: YHYNKKBSNK!


If you are able to read this article’s heading, you are lucky because you  probably do not need to join the struggling readers program. In a serious quest to combat illiteracy, Mayor Ferdie Estrella launched, YHYNKKBSNK or Yehey nakakabasa na ako! A focused one on one or group tutorial on aiming to aid children who are struggling to read. 

This is actually a pay it forward. I first urged BTECH College of Education to go back to their respective barangays and elementary schools and ask the principals if they know of Grades 1 2 or 3 pupils who may have difficulty reading. After identifying and profiling, they talk to the parents if they can teach their child supplementary reading. The teachers, parents supervise and evaluate progress. 

We have to care for each other. This is transformative as it is. The fact that we engage, develop and liberate children from intolerance we are already doing a great service to humanity.