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Bulacan Chamber of Commerce and Industries President Gigi Simbulan: “Yes, Baliwag is on the Right Track!”


In a heartwarming message before government officials, businessmen, coop advocates and guests at the launching of the Baliwag Go Negosyo, Ms. Gigi Simbulan, President of the Bulacan Chamber of Commerce and Industries Inc. powerfully ended her inspirational message by declaring that “Baliwag is on the Right Track!”

Ms. Simbulan, as President of the Bulacan Chamber, is one of the prime movers in supporting the Micro Small Medium Enterprises in the whole province. It was also during her stint when Bulacan’s Business Chamber was able to operate the first Negosyo Center in the province.  

Affirming DTI Central Luzon Regional Director  Judith Angeles, she recognized the young dynamic and energetic officials like Congressman Apol Pancho, Mayor Ferdie Estrella and Coun. Ding Nicolas. “They made sure new things  are introduced and implemented quickly,” she added.

As Mayor Ferdie always say when he was just forming the Baliwag Chamber at the same time, negotiating for a Negosyo Center, it is quite ironic that Baliwag is the center of commerce but it does not have a Negosyo Center; a Baliwagenya President of the Bulacan Chamber but Baliwag itself doen’t have a chamber of its own. 

“This is the 8th Negosyo Center in Bulacan but I usually sent other officers to attend the launch, Baliwag is different, I cannot miss it,” she quipped. 

In her speech she shared how her husband, Mr. Rene Simbulan, started the Simbulan Industries Philippines with a borrowed capital from his parents amounting 5,000 pesos. The couple built a company for 18 years until it was redounded to a mere ash when its factory in Baliwag burned while, manufacturing lot contract of furniture for then refurbishing Dusit Hotel Makati. 

It was after the fire when they founded the construction company, RGSP Inc., As the saying, when people are resilient, there is no way but to go up. Like a phoenix rising frim the ashes, The Simbulan Group of Companies was able to stand and fly again meeting all of its obligations to customers. Even stronger, it is now employing close to 3,000 workforce deployed all over Metro Manila for their various projects.  The group bagged contracts for Shangrila Boracay, Edsa and Fort; Andrew Tan’s Resorts World Manila; and Renaissance New World.