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Commentary: Baliwag faced with the highest Teenage Preggies in Region 3 and an Alarming Suicide cases. Are we failing GMRC and CLE? 


As usual, the Local Government is upbeat and excited to engage with the Private Schools, given the many challenges it need to face. With thousands of students from all over the province and nearby towns, Baliwag, the most urbanized and diverse among the municipalities in northern and eastern parts of Bulacan and about five towns of Pampanga. A junction and a transport hub, Baliwag has the biggest operation of public market in the Province of Bulacan with traders from the different parts of the country including Marawi and Lanao. Historically, Baliwag is a commerce district with many products and produce traded here. 

With an estimated daytime population of between  400,000 to 600,000 it can easily be concluded that it must be confronted with similar problems faced by urbanized cities, after all, Baliwag is more a city than some component cities in the country.

Top of Mind Choices

Garbage, Transport Development and Fare Regulation, Traffic, Sheltering, Disaster and petty crimes are just some of the issues easily identified. The Local Government prepared a very long list of assignment and things to do but there are two in the list that shattered me.

Poor EQs

The Local Government now must lead a generation of young people so detached with oneself. Technology itself can be overwhelming. While social media aims to build and rebuild networks, it is void of genuineness, care, warmth just like what an embrace or a kiss can provide.  People reconnect through social media but do we really harness its power? If yes, how come people remain sad, depressed and suicidal. Last year, one school registered three suicides. 

GMRCs and Christian Living

Are we also teaching it right to our students and if yes, why then Baliwag has the highest recorded teenage pregnancy in Central Luzon. If these teenage moms then are out of school, what kind of society we have now? Who are educating them? Is the government too busy not to mind? How about the church, our pastors and lay? Should we not talk about this together as a society with common goals, shared ideals and concern for each other. Are we all faking the living the faith or we are really so into me, myself and I?