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Business Permits and Licensing Office reminds Lessors and Doctor Clinics to secure separate Business Permits


In a move to implement the rulings of the Bureau of Local Government Finance regarding the separate application of Business Permits for Doctor’s Clinic, the Business Permits and Licensing Office quickly planned out the sending of material information and notices to affected groups. In the BLGF resolution, doctor clinics were expressedly identified as materially non-exempted from securing business permit as the LGU must also be able to recoup its investments to serve the people well. 

In the latest filing submitted to the National Competitiveness Council, around 428 Private Doctors are active in the hospitals as consultants and hospitalists. Consultants usually have a clinic where they meet patients for their appointment. 

Meanwhile, ALL LESSORS OF PROPERTIES such as lots, buildings, stalls, franchised public market and space rentals are NOT exempted as well from securing the business permit. With the computerization system, it now unravel over a thousand of unregistered businesses,as many of the owners deliberately snobbed any efforts to get a business permit. It is estimated that about 30 to 50million conservatively are wasted for non collection in the absence of a system and drive to improve its revenue programs. If not complied, violators may be ordered close and pay the fine 

Revenue programs are regulary considered by the National Competitiveness Council as an indicator of the local economy’s robustness. Because of this, Baliwag Ranked 1040 out of 1245 municipalities because of its poor NCC data submission. 


Cognizant of the fact that bancassurance are exempted from securing permit, still, the Business Permits and License Office sent notices to insurance firms to shake them into what’s been a long period of status quo. Commercial Banks were invited by Mayor Ferdie Estrella to remind them of their obligations to pay taxes observing the rule of the Bureau of Internal Revenue that earnings from loans negotiated in the branch even if it requires approval from a higher or senior manager must