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Baliwag MENRO is a cradle of Innovation and Resourcefulness. Defying gravity through Lamps to Bags to Ropes to Pavers


Baliwagenyos have one more reason to be proud of its government especially now, that it has become a source of constant innovation and resourcefulness in the implementation of its programs. 

From Lamps, Baliwag Menro developed bags out of used tarpaulins and had it painted by artists.

Now, Baliwag MENRO makes ropes out of grinded BUKO SHELLS. Previously, those buko shells  add up significantly to our tonnage, paying 1,250 per ton. Since last week, buko shells from Buko Retailers are transported to the barangay MRF to be grinded. 

Soon, MENRO will use sachet and junkfood wrappers as a mixture to stone pavers.