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Change Has Truly Come!


         Last Thursday, June 01, 2017 representatives from the Department of Interior and Local Government came to the Municipality of Baliwag to conduct its validation on the Local Government’s eligibility for the esteemed Seal of Good Local Governance.

Honorable Mayor Ferdie V. Estrella together with the Department Head’s and employees as they warmly welcome the representatives of the Department of Interior Local Government, RegionIII.

As a newly hired employee and member of the team I have been part of how everyone worked diligently and so hard not just to comply with the needed documentary requirements but had went beyond the calling of their respective offices to better serve every Baliwageño’s. The dedication and pursuant to excellence engendered from the leadership of the newly elected local chief executive Hon. Ferdie V. Estrella, his commitment and dedication to provide each Baliwageños accessible services and productive programs that will better improve their quality of life had effectuated towards the kind of service the employees has now been able to deliver .

On Site  Field Validation joined by the Mun. Administrator Mr. Enrique Tagle.

Working with a team of professionals who are driven to achieve preeminence and distinction for the local government has not only made me realize how different this kind of leadership was erstwhile. Under the prodigious supervision of the Municipal Administrator Mr. Enrique Tagle, the working committee was able to comply with the needed requisites for the SGLG award.

Shown above are some of the key areas where in the inspection team went to validate and observe Local Government Initiatives in addressing pressing issues and concerns regarding drug rehabilitation, waste management, health care service, sports and recreation, peace and order and public safety and disaster risk reduction and surveillance. Initiatives that are placed into action and effect, giving off positive impact to the welfare of the people living in the Municipality, making services and programs readily available at all times, brought up and sustained by the leadership of the Estrella Administration.

The DILG representatives together with Admin Tagle and the other Municipal Employees as they visit and inspect the Tarcan Elementary School.

It is just now that the strong partnership and coordination between government offices, private organizations and civil society groups are fully established and had materialized to bring positive venues for joint actions in achieving a unified goal for the greatness of the all Baliwageno’s. I am proud to say that I am very fortunate to be part of a Government under a leadership  where in all the services, programs and its mission are in pursuant to excellence and are all certified “Dugong Baliwag, Pusong Baliwag”.