SGLG Validators Napabilib sa mga Reporma at makabagong Programa ng Baliwag 


This is the first time, in the history of my evaluation that I will be seated with plenty of young people, the head of the Validating team, quipped. 

It was around 730am when the validators from Tarlac and Guiguinto arrived with Baliwag Local Government Officer Jayfie Nasaro at the Municipal Building. It was about 10 seconds after Mayor Ferdie arrived. 

Managing time, inspection of facilities, accessibility of ramps and Restrooms and full disclosure board were conducted as they were ushered by the Mayor himself. 

All those inspected were within standards except for The Men’s restroom that did not have the PWD signage and one handrailing of the ramp at the main entrance. It was fine.

The validators were ushered to the Rural Health Unit 1 where more than one dozen people are waiting to be administered shot of free anti-rabies vaccine. He inspected compliance to trash bin, segregation of the health unit. Dr. Mary Joan Dinlasan, MHO was quick to show the 6 bins used to segregate chemical,  infectious and radiologic substances. Mayor Ferdie then showed the validators the booklet for the Hatid Kalinga program. He was surprised actually to know that it is possible. 

Parang gusto ko na lumipat dito sa Baliwag, the lead validator joked.   


At the Pagbabago Drug Reformation Center, the Validators witnessed the reformees undergoing spiritual class with the Iglesia ni Cristo. The reformation center has engaged mutli-faith partnership for the spiritual programs. Inside the reformation center, the Material Recovery Facility of Menro are busy grinding buko shells to be used as ropes. The validators were also shown livelihood and sustainability programs for the reformees including the welder training area, mushroom culture, vermi composting, organic chicken and different variety of vegetables grown.