Mayor Ferdie Awarded 37 scholarship grants to Baliwagenyo Public Teachers


37 Public School Teachers were awarded grants by the Local Government of Baliwag to allow them to continue their studies for advancement and professional growth. 

This program was a result of an ordinance authored by fmr. Coun. Roberto Tisoy Santos, allocating funds for scholarship to Baliwagenyo Public school teachers teaching in the public sector.

Upon his assumption into office, The mayor quickly formed a technical working group composed by Dr. Emiteruo Tiburcio, Chair, Dr Arceli Ralleta, Mr. William Ortega and Mr. Enrique Tagle. The exams trimmed the 90 applicants by  half, and then it settled to 37  after the panelists –  Atty. john Donesa, Ms. Lhan Cruz and Mr Tisoy Santos conducted the interview.

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