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Baliwag Polytechnic College hosted Today’s Flag Raising and Worn-Out Flag Disposal Ceremony


BTECH hosted today’s Flag Ceremony  with the burning of wornout and retiring flags. The Municipal Government of Baliwag decided to perform a ceremony for retired flags befitting the greatest symbol  of the nation and our forefathers who fought hard in battle and died for the nation. 

It is important for the youth to see ceremonies such as this to set them an appropriate example how citizens must honor the flag. Mayor Ferdie Estrella during the Mayor’s Time propounded on finding meaning and practical actions in life whenever people copy his trademark pose or the pusong Baliwag pose, such is putting their right fists clenched over the left chest one that is closest to the heart. 

Kasama na ang pagmamahal sa ating watawat na siyang pinakadakilang simbolo ng ating kalayaan. Hindi dapat mabigyan ng puwang na ito ay mabastos, mayurakan at masira kung ito ay hindi na ginagamit, ayon sa Punongbayan. 

Ayon sa SECTION 2. Declaration of Policy RA 8491 Philippine Heraldric Code Reverence and respect shall at all times be accorded the flag, the anthem and other national symbols which embody the national ideals and traditions and which express the principles of sovereignty and national solidarity. The heraldic items and devices shall seek to manifest the national virtues and to inculcate in the minds and hearts of our people a just pride in their native land, fitting respect and affection for the national flag and anthem, and the proper use of the national motto, coat-of-arms and other heraldic items and devices.
SECTION 14. A flag worn out through wear and tear shall not be thrown away. It shall be solemnly burned to avoid misuse or desecration. The flag shall be replaced immediately when it begins to show signs of wear and tear.

The Philippine National Police acted as honor guards, handed over folded flags to the local chief executive who in turn gently placed the flag in a prepared adobe stone-made cauldron which, eventually was burned.

The Baliwag Polytechnic College Brass Band, the BTECH Chorale and the Baliwag Municipal Employees Choir were present to perform the National Anthem. The Baliwag Historical Association attended ceremonies together with SAMPAKA and PASAKABA.

(ALL PHOTOS were from Batang Baliwag)