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9th Baliwag Management Committee Meeting Held. Approved to begin ISO Certification, SSS and Employees Cooperative.


The 9th Meeting of the Management Committee of the Local Government of Baliwag was presided over by Municipal Administrator Enrique Tagle at the Waterwood Park Clubhouse. The meeting started at 10:45am and ended 3:30pm.

None of the Department Heads  were absent during the meeting as they tried to iron out pressing issues such as the Performance-Based Bonus Criteria, commencement of the ISO Certification, updating of the comprehensive development plan, Seal of Good Local Governance, SSS Contributions and recognition of the newly-formed Employees Cooperative.

The Baliwag Management Committee was formed through an Executive Order signed by Mayor Ferdie Estrella to establish an executive group that will collectively resolve issues on governance. The Local Government of Baliwag is experiencing organizational transformation by empowering department heads to make decisions to make governance efficient by meeting various validated standards such as the Seal of Good Local Governance, ISO Certification and the National Competitiveness Index.

These standards will help the local government put a parameter on its efficiency level making sure it is strategically aligned to the objectives of the local government, especially the priority agenda of Mayor Ferdie Estrella.