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Public Finance and Power Up Economy are Top Priorities Now. EOs signed to improve public finance, created PPB and Investment & Incentive Code


Congnizant of the importance of a transparent and responsible stewardship of the people’s money, the Baliwag Local Finance Committee takes its cue from the reconstitution of the Public Financial Management Team to address its identified gaps on transparency, government spending, value for money, cost efficiency and effective delivery of services. Thus , the Public Financial Management Assessment Tool for LGU’s measure three important goals such as: 1. Fiscal Discipline, 2. Strategic allocation of resources and efficient delivery of services. 

As Mayor Ferdie reconstitutes the PFMAT, newly-appointed Municipal Acccountant is expected to lead the LGU Baliwag in the attainment of sound public fiscal policies. The other members of the Baliwag PFMAF are: Municipal Administrator Enrique Tagle, Municipal Treasurer Martiniano Javier, Municipal Budget Josefina Tanggol, Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator Engr Mency De Leon, OIC Municipal Assessor Teofista Villaranda.


By Virtue of an executive order, Mayor Ferdie Singnsd an executive order for the creation of a public-private partnership board to streamline PPP projects and allow the board to accelerate planning requirements. Meanwhile, the proposed changes of the Investment Code was passed by the Offce of the Mayor an updated version of The code, aligining it to the national development plans.

Areas that the will Be incentivised are environment investmemts such renewable energy,  manufacturig, container sample.