Baliwag News Service

Baliwag’s proposed Breastfeeding Ordinance is finally set to hear on Friday


“The future of Breastfeeding practice does not lie on mothers alone, but mostly on the commitment of the entire community to act positively on the advocacy.”

In May 11, 2017, the Sangguninang Bayan of Baliwag, through its Committee Chairperson for Health, Women and Family/ Social Services, Hon. Marie Claudette Quimpo-Serrano, sent out invitations for a Public Hearing for the long-awaited approval of the Ordinance Protecting and Promoting Breastfeeding and child Nutrition Programs in the Municipality of Baliwag, or simply-put, Baliwag’s very own Breastfeeding Ordinance.

The hearing was set to take place on May 25, 11:30am at the Mariano Ponce Hall to discuss on the provisions from the national law, issues, concerns, recommendations and more before the approval of the local ordinance. The Municipal Health, Population & Nutrition as well as Social Welfare Offices were invited along with identified hospitals, establishments, breastfeeding organizations and nursing mothers alike.

Highlights of the Breastfeeding Ordinance include the strict implementation of the Mother and Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, promotion of Breastfeeding-Friendly workplaces for employed nursing mothers in both public and private institutions and increasing the awareness of the public on the prohibitions of the Milk Code, among others.