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DTI’s GO Negosyo to situate in Baliwag


With a bustling trade and commerce dating back during the Spanish era, Baliuag evolved to be not just a center of commerce but also a hub for education, servicing a wide-base of market covering (12) twelve Bulacan towns and (5) five from Pampanga. 

Until now, Baliuag stands side by side with the City of Malolos as recognized priority centers under the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022. It means Baliuag is a recognized hub where commerce expected to explode exponentially. 

Unfortunately, these strengths were totally disregarded for so long. The market is growing only naturally, without any effort to flex its muscles. 


With DTI GO NEGOSYO here in Baliuag, applying for a trade name will be an arms reach. Our SME’s will have the chance to benefit from various technical assistance on developing local products. Baliwagenyos will be given the chance to improve their packaging and create premium for their products following national and export-quality products.


Mr. Bienvenido Gonzales was recently elected to lead the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Baliwag after Mayor Ferdie moved to organize a group that will represent the best interest of the business community.  The chamber will co-locate with DTI and the newly-created Baliwag Investment Protection Unit.