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Provincial Capitol to conduct Strategic Planning with LGU Baliwag. Aims to address gaps on Land Tax Assessment and Improvement declaration mechanism.


The Provincial Government of Bulacan through the efforts of Provincial Assessor Architect Joey Robles will conduct a one-day strategic planning with officials of the Local Government of Baliwag to address a mounting gap on land tax assessments and the misdeclarations on improvements. This was brought about by the complaints of the Baliwag School Board questioning the almost-mannequin movement of the Special Education Fund.

Audit findings show that there were many scrupulous transactions made by employees and former officials of the local government that allowed the government to lose millions of pesos at the expense of the public and the children who could have benefited if these were transacted regularly.

Say, you get discounts from your irregular transactions that saved you thousands of pesos. You only fulfill one man’s interest or maybe a few more, if you want to put it that way, sadly, you blocked dreams of many students who could have benefited from the Special Education Fund. We cannot be selective in applying values. By paying the right tax, you wage on the future of the next generation. So let us pay dutifully, let us share and be the change that you want to see in this world. Let us believe and begin.