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Why Mayor Ferdie established a Sports Development Office?


With the belief that intelligence come in multiple forms such as, the arts and sports, Mayor Ferdie urged the school board and the newly-founded Sports Development Office to work together to entice out of school children and youth to return to school with a promise that subjects such as Mathematics and Science will not be the only gauge of intelligence.

Excellence in sports and the arts can lead them to become professionals and masters  in the future. There has to be a sense of appreciation of the various or multiple intelligences of people.

Currently, Mayor Ferdie is looking for ways to improve conditions of our young athletes and he is inviting some businessmen and  companies willing to invest on trainings and general well-being of our Tilapayong Baseball Team. Mayor Ferdie tasked the Sports Development Office to conduct sports clinics as well as program training for other sports like swimming and table tennis. Recently, a batch of young kids graduated from aikido under Ramil Torres.